Care Ministries

Are you in a difficult season of life? Are you struggling financially, physically, in your marriage, as a parent, through a recent loss? While living in Kuwait you can often find yourself feeling alone or uncertain how to navigate through difficult seasons in life. Here at Crossroad International Church we care about you, want to help you, and are here for you. If you need some help or would just like to speak to someone please contact us.


We at Crossroad International Church believe prayer is important thing in the life of a Christian. Prayer is fellowshipping with God and joining forces with Him to carry out His will on earth. Prayer is the channel by which God’s power is released into the situation of life.  

Join us for a time of prayer each Friday morning from 9:30 am to 10:00 am before service. 

If you would like to request prayer, please feel free to contact us.


Counseling involves a caring relationship in which one person seeks to help another deal more effectively with the stresses of life. The goals of counseling include clarifying problems, exploring and expressing feelings, coping with stress, finding freedom from spiritual, psychological, and interpersonal conflicts, developing self-acceptance and God-awareness. Counseling helps people confront sinful and self-defeating thoughts and/or actions, and helps them find a new or renewed willingness to live in accordance with biblical teaching. Counseling also enables believers to reach their fullest potential and to become involved in growth as disciples and disciple makers for Jesus Christ. Counseling is to comfort, support, and encourage, as well as to exhort and admonish.

If you would like to schedule a counseling appointment please contact us.

Hospital visitation

Being in the hospital or a rehab center can be a difficult time for patients and families alike. Crossroad International Church pastors, staff and life group leaders are available to visit, pray and come alongside you or your loved one along the journey to recovery. We will always maintain medical confidentiality and respect the patient’s privacy.  

If you would like to request a hospital visit, please feel free to contact us.